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Mango Cooling Project

New (first-time-ever) Mango Cooling project in Mexico. Ciruli Brothers LLC, (headquarters in Nogales, Arizona) and Mobile Forced Air Cooling Services, Inc. has jointly forced air cooled mangos in Mexico, with FDA approval. The mangos are being shipped through Nogales, Arizona and McAllen, Texas for distribution throughout the United States.

This project and its implementation were supervised by Chuck Ciruli Sr.

Chuck and I have discussed this project for over three years. The delays were due to the FDA’s approval details and set-up. The photographs shown in the slide-show, will illustrate the extremes and expense to get FDA approval for shipments into the USA. The netting in and around our cooler and the hot water bath process (to prevent a destructive moth from entering the USA) was at times overwhelming. The box design (with proper ventilation) and the stacking patterns, allowed Mobile Forced Air Cooling Services, Inc. to come in, set-up at the growing site, and cool the mangos (in refer-trucks) within the desired time and to the temperatures that met with Chuck’s specifications.

Check out the video below.

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