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Spinach Cooling Project

New…Earthbound Farms (at-the-growing-site) Spinach cooling project.

Mobile Forced Air Cooling Services, Inc. has been providing mobile high humidity forced air cooling services throughout the produce growing areas of the Americas. (USA, Mexico, Central and South America)

Our customers use our equipment at the growing site to start the cold chain as soon as possible.  MFACS learned years ago that fixed based cooling facilities limit themselves to a fifty mile growing radius. Research and studies indicate that heat related losses, due to the length of time the produce  in transit, can exceed 50%.  The produce industry is always looking for ways to drive down costs, by lower land rents, less expensive labor and or water costs. Another factor that plays heavily in this cost cutting practice is locating new land that has not been intensely farmed.  Insects, bacteria and viruses, in intensely farmed land, can also drive costs up.  It can be an economic advantage to move the farming operation away from the fixed based cooling facilities to help drive down costs.

The attached slide-show will show a spinach growing site in Klamath Falls, Oregon. They load the spinach in the field in small plastic baskets for good air ventilation, then they stack and palletize and load them onto an open flat bed truck. These pallets are then moved from the field and transferred to a refer-truck.  The refer-truck is prepared for shipment and then backs-up to our cooling system. The high humidity cold air removes the field heat. This cooling process took about 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The truck driver pulled away from our cooler and the refer doors were closed. Twelve to fourteen hours later the spinach was delivered to the processing plant in San Juan Bautista, California.

The loads are arriving with zero heat related rejections. The final savings and cost accounting will be determined later.

Please check out the slide show video below.      


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